Conference on Economics Reformation

Late last year dissatisfied economists and students published 33 theses arguing for an Economics Reformation.  The authors believe an unhealthy intellectual monopoly of mainstream economics has developed, and economics could provide more insights into poverty, inequality, ecology and financial instability. To discuss these ideas, on 22 March 2018 the Hungarian Economic Association organised a conference with international speakers from a variety of backgrounds.

Participants presented on and debated where economics stands ten years after the unexpected global financial crisis and what should be the way forward. Some participants – in accordance with the intention of the 33 theses – emphasised the need for a more pluralist approach to economics: The schools of economics, approaches and theories that currently fall outside of the mainstream should become more accepted and widespread in education and research publications alike. Others pointed out that the mainstream is evolving and cutting-edge research has already started to respond to concerns. Whilst most economists appear to agree that there is room for development to be able to better inform policy on the above-mentioned issues, the precise way forward or even the exact definition of what constitutes mainstream, are far from settled. Fora such as this conference can therefore be instrumental for the economics profession.

Baranyai Eszter

A list of speakers together with their CVs are available here.


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